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  1. Rosey says:

    I’ve got the same challenge. Asking for help isn’t my thing either. Most of the time it’s okay, but sometimes I really do need to ask!

  2. Edward says:

    Admiting your weakness is your greatest strength.

  3. What a wonderful post! I’m glad you found the courage to do this. Ist really important. Its hard for me to ask for help as well. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Amber says:

    It is tough to ask for help! I rarely do it, but sometimes I’ve had to. Just do it, and if the people say no, then that’s that.

  5. Admitting your biggest weakness is the first step to overcome it and improve. I also find it a bit hard to ask for help at time!

  6. I too have a hard time asking for help. I am good at giving help but not receiving it.

  7. Sara says:

    recognizing the problem was step one. Start by delegating small tasks and work up from there. Baby steps

  8. It’s honestly hard to count on other people. I’m a bit of a control freak and not because I want to be, but because I feel like I need to be. It’s a learned skill, that’s for sure. What I’ve learned is that even though people may do things in a different way from me, it’s not necessarily wrong and I have to let people help. I have to work on the asking for help thing every day.

  9. KittysLife says:

    It’s really tough to accept things when it comes to ourselves. But I guess It’s a good thing to accept our weakness to over come from the situations that we are living. I know its hard but its worth.

  10. Emma Riley says:

    Another great and true article. Loved this kind of post, where it remind us that we must accept or admit our mistakes or wrong doing. This can lead us to be a better next time.

  11. Olga Zak says:

    Admiting your weakness is your greatest strength. Loved this kind of post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Charli B says:

    Admitting your weakness to me is a trait of great strength. I’m someone who’s quite reluctant to ask for help but I am slowly getting there

  13. natalielovesbeauty says:

    Have you considered joining a support group in your area? It’s a great way to meet new people 🙂 You are already being strong by sharing your biggest weakness!

  14. I try to never ask for help but if I have to, because of my back surgery and I can’t lift, move furniture to clean, etc, I only ask family. I’ve never considered asking someone who isn’t family before but there is a couple of people in my neighborhood who often do things without my asking. Like my elderly neighbor who goes around every trash day and takes all of the single ladies trash can to the road. He’s sweet to include me.

  15. I suffer from the same weakness. It’s hard to seem vulnerable.

  16. Nadine Richardson says:

    Honestly sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Yes you can do your research and all that but you just never know. Don’t let that stop you from seeking help.

  17. Honestly, I have no idea! This is one of my biggest weaknesses as well and it stems from childhood. So, if you find out the answer, please let me know.

  18. Renée ♥ says:

    I’m adopted and didn’t meet a soul related to me by blood until I had my first child in my twenties, so the idea that it takes blood to build trust is completely alien to me. I built trust with people over time. It’s the people who always have your back, and who are there for you no matter what. It’s the people who you open your heart to, because if you truly want someone to trust you, you have to trust them, too. I met my birth family about ten years ago, and now I would trust my sister with my life, so I understand that blood does hold some tie I don’t completely understand, but blood didn’t build the strong bonds I have with my adoptive family or the lifelong friends I have now.

  19. I love reading this post. The best thing is to dmit your mistake. Keep growing. Thanks!!

  20. momi berlin says:

    Recognizing that we have our weaknesses is good in a way that we acknowledge our flaws. Next thing to do is work on to fight that weaknesss and make it work to our advantage.

  21. It is hard to rely on someone who isn’t blood, and sometimes even hard to rely on them when they ARE blood!

  22. Can totally understand your feelings. Been there but I think it is ok once or twice to ask for help when you absolutely need someone.

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