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By on August 21, 2018

So in a follow up to my ERA OF COMPASSION post, I’d like to talk about the failure of follow through and am I Invisible?

Recently, i have been going through some shit and this is my way of dealing with this, blogging and talking through it on RebuildRob.com and something that has come through in such a heavy way is the failure of follow through, where people promise you time, to help you and maybe help them in the process.

Follow through is such an important thing to a person in distress and if that person is close to the brink and that if you have offered to give them a support system and you’re the type of person that is always saying I’ll call you, I’ll message you but you really never message them or call them, basically you’re a liar.

This is where the process of re-adjusting the level of where you think friendships or relationships are at, when someone is in distress, it really brings to the forefront, people in what ever circle you’re if you are in distress, the first people that reach out to you are the people you want to take forward with you. You really can count on these people…. they are VIP.

Self reliance is my next Blog Topic and i go in on hw you really are the only one you can rely on, a bit about self guarding as well.

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    August 24, 2018

    I’m glad you have found a way of dealing with the things that you are dealing with and everything you have said is so true. I am already in love with your blog and have subscribed!

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      August 25, 2018

      Thanks Telia, your comment and subscription mean the world x


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