So when it comes to Rebuilding Your Mindset , there’s something more that I’d like to talk about

When it comes to things on a health, wellness journey or mental health journey you really do need to be so honest with yourself that it can scare you.

When it comes to the goal setting part and always living in the positive, to need to look deep within yourself and realise what truly is important, things like working on your fitness and then finding excuses like oh i cant find the time to train, oh work is getting in the way, you can always manage your time and assign time to the things that make you feel better, be that training, going to a weekly support group.

You need to make sure that you are being ‘really real’ with yourself and ensure that this time is being assigned to things that help you be happy and live a fulfilled life.

Everyone has a short time to make the most of it in life, so being true to yourself and ‘really real’ in all areas of your life and burning through the bullshit that you allow yourself to get weighed down by or being afraid to say to someone what you truly feel or believe will not help you live in your ultimate state of positivity, light and self love.

Being really real with yourself and the people around you can be scary but learning to get into the mind space of doing this will serve you well in the long term.


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