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So the advent of friends and having people to rely on is truly a great thing if you feel like you have a great social circle that you know you can rely on and know that they’d be there to support you. If you don’t it can be hard to have a support system around you, thats why its important to be your own no1 fan.

The creation of social media and the comparison culture can be soul destroying, with all these ripped muscle bout dudes and that show it off for fun, plus Gay Porn, thats not even go there with that one and the difficulties with Mental Health is a true war zone especially when all you want to do is love yourself for who you are and what you bring to the world.

They do say that comparison is the thief of joy

So with that it brings how you value yourself, what you bring to this world and i’d like to talk about how you are really the only one you can count on because this world can be mean. So self affirmation in the morning is something i have been doing when i brush my teeth in the bathroom, i look into the mirror and tell myself three good things about myself and what i bring to the world. Which nobody has the right to tell me otherwise.

This has turned into a bit of a soul saving mechanism for me at the min. I am working on me, I am the best project i will ever work on and its only me that I can rely on, keeping your circle small helps safe guard you against being let down my other people, no matter how small that circle gets.

Being by yourself can be be hard when its only your voice you hear, but when it is, make the voice positive and loud.


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