BLOG: #NationalComingOutDay

By on October 11, 2016

Well it’s National Coming out Day, I would like to share with you guys my Coming out Story, ever since i was young, 11/12 Years Old. I knew i was a little bit different to everyone that i was hanging around with in Primary School.

I actually came out to my few friends at Primary School first and obviously i didn’t have the words to fully say that i was gay, because i didn’t even know what the world was or truly meant at that age, barring it being a School yard taunt, that we all got upset about but Parents told us that it meant we were happy as they didn’t go into detail what it actually meant….. You don’t get those talks until Sex-Ed in Secondary School.

The first guy i ever fell in love with was a lad called Michael, I still had infatuations with girls that were more like ‘wow this person is amazing’ as i can now see it (being 25 writing this) but i knew in my deepest of hearts that i fully understood what side of the fence i sat on.

So, many years later, I ‘accidentally’ came out to my Brother first, and then gradually the rest of the family as it turned a tad into “damage control” as i needed to make sure that the information came from me and not my Brother, the information came out to my youngest brother, as he was asking me, how cute/hot this actress was and i said ‘no’ she isn’t he drilled further into the line of questioning so i just told him.

“No Matthew….. I’m Gay”

Obviously before this point, my Parents were fully aware and as Matthew was quite young, they didn’t want the information to de-rail his natural development.

I told my Grand-Parents on an afternoon where i just felt comfortable, with no warning or pre-context to the discussions we’d been having on the day, which slightly made my Mum uncomfortable, but it felt right to me..

Coming out is a personal moment and nothing anyone should be rushed into and sometimes people lose family members and relationships just break-down when someone lets others in on this most intimate detail of their character and “real self” no-one should be forced into coming out and no-one should ever be outed as this really is horrific.

As long as it feels right to you, go for it…… Tell the world!!!

Its nicer on the Rainbow side of the fence, theres unicorns and everything….. When Ready, come join in.




Rob Smith
Glossop, Derbyshire

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