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By on April 16, 2017

So easily the most varied television show is back, Britain’s Got Talent returned to ITV last night for its 11th Season, with the nicest judging panel in television Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams.

BGT literally gives you it all, Dogs, Dancers, Singers and anything in-between.

The first act on the show was cheeky comedian Ned Woodman who set the season off in the right way, making me laugh with his brutal comedic tones where he took a rip at the judges but he also got away with it and the judges were shocked as was I, how could this type of comedy be coming out of an 8 year old.

Now, this is where I balled my eyes out like a baby, following an emotional confessional backstage telling the audience that they were the ‘Missing Peoples‘ choir they had the audience and me in the palm of my hand as they sung an emotional song, ‘miss you’  even Missing Chef, Claudia Lawrence’s father was in the choir, as they sung and some of their family members that had gone missing came up on the screen, i was crying my eyes out.

We had our first ‘Golden Buzzer’ of the season with 15-year old Sarah Ikumu takes to the stage with her version of Jennifer Hudson’s And I Am Telling You, with Simon loving her so much, he hit that Golden Buzzer


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