by RebuildRob

So our the past few weeks I have fell into the pit of a self destructive behaviour and my depression has started to seep back into my mindset.

I feel as though this was compounded last week by the death of my dog, Tess. She has been a cornerstone of the family over the past 12 years and would have been 13 in December. She was a lovely little Springer Spaniel that never really grew up in my eyes and will always remain as the little puppy she was when we picked her up over a decade ago.

So i started my RebuildRob journey about being 100% honest and real about myself, my fitness journey and more. This doesn’t stop when im going through some pretty dark shit right now. I am hoping that this extreme patch in low mood and energy will not take me down the path that it did over 2 years ago and i am trying to throw everything at it. to try and stop the slide back into the rabbit hole.

The way i try to help myself with these issues etc is by writing blogs, creating on social media and talking to a camera and bringing back the RebuildRob Channels on YouTube is something i’m aiming to do.

Also, the fact that i know i’ve come through this in the past is motivation enough to tell myself i know i’ve overcome this before, i know i can do it again and what doesn’t challenge us makes us stronger right?


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sensibledove August 9, 2018 - 11:42 am

Hi Rob,
Sorry about your dog. Can’t imagine how you’re feeling.
Be strong and have faith and hope. Try not to give into your mind.
You mentioned social media, I know there are a lot of motivational Instagram accounts and such that you can follow for motivation, inspiration and hope.
Will pray for you.

Judy @sensibledove

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