Donald Trump Power-Trip Over Soon?

by RebuildRob
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It currently has been a jaw-dropping Series of Political Debates coming out of the United States of America, seeing Donald Trump go toe-to-toe (thank god its no other body part) with Hillary Clinton in trying to woo voters to their cause in the 2016 US Presidential Election. 

You truly have witnessed in my opinion the Biggest Power and Ego trip in the Modern Western World coming out of these political debates with Donald Trump, with him saying that he ‘may not accept the actual result of the election’ with him saying that the Election has been ‘rigged from the start.’

This really has taken over vast swathes of the UK News and I get it, it is the Biggest Power in the Western World, but thats not downplay the UK’s role in the Western Hemisphere, but i am like why do we care this much?

There is a part of me that thinks the two opposition leaders, are secretly in cahoots where Donald Trump is in love with Hillary, as he stated he ‘loves women, he respects women’ so he is willing to go out to Millions of People, have his ego stroked by more people than the viewing Audiences of Celebrity Apprentice and his employees within Trump International. – However he knows that he will ultimately fail?

He doesn’t care how much money he spends on this campaign as he states all the time that he is a ‘Billionaire’ – This is his Biggest Ego Power Trip since he Participated and Shaved Vince McMahon’s Head-Bald at Wrestlemania 29 in 2007 in front of 80,000 People at Ford Field, Detroit and Millions around the world.

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