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It has truly been a weird 48 hours after Donald Trump announced his Travel Ban from a Select Middle-Eastern countries to In his words ‘extremely vet’ immigration and protect the US from potential Terrorism and thwart any potential Attack.

I have already said that the whole Donald Trump becoming President of the US is like a Scripted Reality Show but in real life, my only thought on the whole matter is, What is Wrong with wanting to Protect your country from undocumented people who may be terrorists or people who may wish harm on your country?

Trump is now only following through on Promises that he set out in his Presidential Campaign and these are just American Issues that mean a lot to American people, I get he may have not won the Popular vote however he may say he could have done, if you discount the millions of illegal votes, yada, yada.

But this is their Political System, their Political Policies. We have every right to use our Voices to dispel anything that we don’t agree with through the political Channels but  Cancelling a Visit by the President isn’t something we should be doing.

We need to be an outward looking country but In my opinion there is nothing wrong with being Extremely proudly British or American and doing everything to build a Country you can be proud of and that is ultimately done by putting your Countries Values first.

If your Counties safety is at risk by accepting a number of immigrants that you don’t know if they’re potentially terrorist sympathisers or have been indoctrinated by ISIS or Al-Qaeda or another Terror Organisation these people need extreme vetting, there even training child soldiers and people who can fly under the radar more than ever before.

Just look at what free-movement in Europe has caused in France and the Christmas Market Attacks in Berlin, Germany.

Putting your country first, its population and its services first is nothing to be ashamed of, once we have a thriving Economy and an NHS that can sustain its own people, before dealing with Health tourists or people were legally bound to take in due to an EU Agreement.

Then maybe we can take a few in. As long as we know 100% that they are GOOD People.



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