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By on January 5, 2017

Well its 2017 and it has just passed the fourth Anniversary of when I decided to turn my life around with starting my Social Media Story of #RebuildRob and it turned into a bit of a Lifestyle Change which ultimately changed my life.

2016, truly has been the deepest and darkest year of my life, this time last year, i went into the year with a sincere dark-cloud over my head and lost all motivation in my Transformation and having health with Depression in the past and knowing what depression is and how badly it has affected me throughout my adholesence a mixture of self loathing to that dark voice in my head saying “You Aren’t Good Enough” I brushed every dark moment under the carpet all year and it hit me 100 fold in late October/Early November so i finally took the horns and started to deal with it.

So 2017, Hello. I will be taking you by the horns and be highlighting the Good instead of the Bad and trying to look after number one. Which is me. I’m going to try my best to turn back the clock and get my groove back, Ive put plans in place to make that happen in the Gym and get my fitness back.

This isn’t just about losing weight anymore, this is about Personal Happiness and i will get Happy and Love Myself again.

– Rob x




Rob Smith
Glossop, Derbyshire

Welcome to RebuildRob is my personal story, my life battles with Health and fitness plus a motivational source covering the same topics, I also share my thoughts and feelings, plus Travel and Mental Health stories & more

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