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So today, June 27th marks my 26th Birthday and I am now well and truly on the path to my 30th in 2021.

I have decided this birthday to make the smallest of moments matter with a Manchester jaunt on Friday with my friends from a meal at Jamie’s Italian on Kings Street to a Bar/Club crawl through the Northern Quarter to The Village, where we tried to get in at G.A.Y and got refused entry to going to Cruz 101 which undoubtably was the Gayest Club ever, all it needed was GoGo Dancers.

To today my actual Birthday, following waking early, which is normal for me at the moment, as I like waking when the sun rises which can be any time from 6am onwards as i don’t use Blackout blinds at the moment. I went and had Brunch 2/3pm with Tom at Pizza Express and then we proceeded to have a good olde glossop pub crawl, cocktails and wine from the Oakwood to Isaacs on Victoria Street where Matt Joined in on the crawl.

It has made my Birthday being around friends and family… Now on to tomorrow and Sunday.

#RobsBirthday x


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