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So recently I have drifted back into bad ways and put some weight back on and have begun to drift back into bad eating habits and have started to let my inner saboteur take over my mental health and physical health again, however I am now sticking a pin in that negative cycle of over eating, not getting any exercise and not being happy.

I feel like my life runs in circles and i am sick of being really good, really motivated and really happy to not feeling great, not being motivated and as happy as i want to be. Thats one of the reasons i thought i was bi-polar a year or so ago and went into one of my biggest dips of depression in all time, taking over 2 months of work and then being medicated for it also.

I find these cycles in mood or motivation drastically effect my life and stop me creating and doing what i want to do. Things come to challenge us and test us on a daily basis its just how I need to learn how to not take that personal dip/hit in low mood or lack of motivation as a drastic blow and learn to keep moving forward, push myself out of my comfort zone and grow.

Its going to be a challenge, but I’m resolute to making these dips as less severe as possible.



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