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So, Today I went to my Weekly Personal Training Session with Ant Rodrigues and during the week I asked him to weigh me and take some measurements to see where I currently stand in terms of Stats.

Its not something i’ve really wanted to focus on for well over 6 months following all the mental shit I’ve been through with my Spiral into Depression and more, I just put all that the OCD of training Measurements/Weigh-ins etc on the Back Burner.

I just basically didn’t want to know…

So Today I bit the Bullet and got weighed in and measured, with that I was pleasantly surprised with how things came out, I knew i’d put on weight but since my last weigh in with Ant in September of 2016 I’d only gained 4Kgs an inch or two may have gone up but the training I’ve been doing could have something to do with that as well, more weights based than Cardio my muscle mass had gone up.

Thats why I prefer Body Composition testing over BMI. It just makes way more sense, it treats people as an individual instead of just figures of height and body mass.

So yeah, I’m now going to be putting more time into hitting my goals and getting back to my ‘Fighting Weight’ again.

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