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I have documented my vast journey with my Mental Health here over on over the past 4 years, but with it being #WorldMentalHealthDay I think it’s time to share my most personal story yet.

The start of my Mental Health struggle came from when I was bullied at school and was continually being treated really bad by my peers day after day, week after week at Glossopdale. This got to the point that I had to leave the school and start up at Audenshaw High School from year 8 until year 11.

Then the bullying changed when I went there, I was one of only a few people that went to Audi from Glossop and everyone thought of us as weird and treated us accordingly.

So the Bullying I suffered throughout my education was the founding blocks of my Mental Health struggle to this day and it will never totally go away but it is something that I have left behind me and I’ve moved forward in more positive ways but this is the darkest period in my life and I did think about ending it all on more than one occasion.

That is why Bullying and Mental Health go hand in hand and if you can root-out Bullying the Mental Health struggle of so many kids and now adults will come to a screeching holt.

Moving forward I have kept myself moving forward in more positive ways but the dips come and go and the bad clouds disappear eventually.

It’s important to find the smallest piece of light in the darkest of times and amplify that light to make the dark times disappear quicker. Just remember that.

This has been the third or fourth time I’ve blogged about #WorldMentalHealthDay feel free to check my other blogs out.

RebuildRob x


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