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I write this letter to get something that has been troubling me over the past few weeks, with everything that has been going on in my life over the past month or so, i thought you would have been there for me, someone to reach out to, someone to rely on, someone that i would have been able to have as a support.

I feel like i was left to suffer as i thought you would have been there for me to talk to, i though you knew that you meant a lot to me and i really saw you as my best friend, i thought you were aware of the fact i would have been there for you at the drop of a hat if you needed me, if you felt sad, i’d have been there to help lift your spirits and try to make you feel better.

The fact you weren’t there for me as a support system hurt me to my core and made me re-asses our friendship and how truly connected we were, for that it will take a bit of time to rebuild it even though you won’t understand that i am writing this about you as i honestly don’t think you read my blogs.

I still love you and will be there to help and support you with anything that you need help with and throughout this whole process you have given me a new outlook on how i approach friendships, i feel like I now need to be more present going forward, i’m not saying i’m going to become a social butterfly going forward, but i will definitely say ‘Yes’ to more social events, even though i find them awkward and need a drink to help myself unwind.

We have known each other for over 10 years at this point and I’m not willing to throw it away for a bad situation, its about personal development and i will try to make myself more important in you life, so you know i am here and you will be there for me going forward.

I love you x

In my next blog, I will talk about how i struggle to separate work and play.


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