by RebuildRob

So over the past few month, as mentioned in my last Blog post, BROKEN! I’ve felt myself fall back into some personally self destructive pattens with my Mental Health and overall outlook on life.

That is compounded by the face that I can’t seem to dig myself out of the rut that i am in at the moment, i havens am going to be returning back to doing some personal training to try and re-find that inner passion to train again personally and I know that it is still within me but I just need some help trying to find the guy that sparked the whole #RebuildRob journey back in 2014.

I honestly think that this is the lowest i’ve felt in mood since my bout with depression over 3 years ago. This was even more brought into focus by the face that in a personal conversation with a family member my whole thought process was thrown for a loop when they told me how they think of me. Plus the sheer fact that i hate asking for help and i need help in work life and my personal life right now leaves me suffering and just generally not liking myself even more.

But, I need to give a positive outlook on life to the people that are around me personally and professionally leaves me in a hole of self doubt and just generally suffering. As I write this blog i am sat in Thai Wok after a lovely Big Maamas Box Meal, which is lovely by the way. I look out onto the high street knowing that people each have their personal problems and are each suffering in their own ways.

However the whole culture of helping people and then following through with it and being there for someone whether it be for a shoulder to cry on or just an ear for someone to talk to seems to have completely gone and the era of compassion has disappeared.

Spending time with people and offering them that support system helps everyone in the long run, spending 30min/1hour of a day reaching out to a relative or friend that you’ve not spoken to in a while or just following through on a coffee with someone that you’ve been holding off on talking to isn’t hard you may even get a free coffee out of it.

Can the era of ‘Real Compassion’ come back instead of it just being a comment on a Facebook post or Instagram?

Sound off in the comments below and give me a call on my mobile if you can find my number, I’m here for anyone that wants a chat as long as we can help each other?


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Matt August 16, 2018 - 2:09 pm

Hey, Rob. I understand where you’re coming from with the lack of compassion. I see it all the time unfortunately. When I was younger I would never ask for help because my dad made it seem as if asking for help made you seem weak and in high school trying to make friends, I didn’t want to seem weak. But I later realized asking for help shows your strength. It means you understand your lack of knowledge or understanding and you have the courage to admit it. Thank you for the read!

Claire August 24, 2018 - 6:13 pm


You added me recently and we hadn’t spoken in quite some time. I messaged to offer my condolences for the heart ache you were going through. To read this is all too close to home for my self also as in these times it seems people have forgotten what to say to just help someone. Know your not alone x

Rob August 25, 2018 - 9:45 am

Thanks for the comment Claire, it means so much x

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