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Much like i shaved my hair off because i ruined it due to dyeing it too much and with shit products. Its time to start over with Fitness and Life Goals.

As said in my I Need to Talk Blog I started to put on a fair amount of weight again and only realised the significance of this when this weekend i tried on some of my clothes over this weekend and, lets just say a few things didn’t fit like they used to.

So my drive to get ‘my body back’ is in full effect.

I am going to try to RebuildRob again and this time, Im sick of living in the slower lane, I’m going to do what i wish i’d done last time. Document it fully and hopefully help others who are in a similar situation more.

Hindsight is an amazing thing and people always say ‘Beach body’s are made in winter’ & If i want a tropical/beach holiday next year. Its time to get back time to get Rob back, the one I created In 2016 and I got frightened of the lose skin and i put some with back on to ‘fill out’ again but that wen’t way too far.

Challenges are put before us to over come, my fitness and life goals will be my biggest but trust me I am not going to be beaten. Its time to live my best life.



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