By on October 12, 2017

So isn’t hindsight an amazing thing?

Barring my obvious weight gain and weight loss and continual battle with everything fitness that is a thing that I will always be working on for the rest of my life and that isn’t the biggest regret of my life.

My biggest regret is letting go of people who meant something to me in my life, friends in Primary School, friends in College and closing myself of this is possibly one of the biggest reasons I have been able to make a success of social media and ‘hack’ social media to some degree.

Having made myself a hermit during the winter months and almost saying no to every social occasion has made people forget about me. I fully understand that social interactions in life can be awkward and I feel that I can and have opted not to make them with a fear of rejection.

Making time and not saying Yes more in my teens and adolescence is one of my biggest regret in life I think that bouncing from Glossop to Audenshaw in secondary schools played a factor in this but that was for the best of my education but possibly not my social development.

So recently to combat this over the past few weeks I have trusted my intuition a bit more and said yes to more things than I have recently and I can honestly say it’s guided me right so far.

I challenge everyone to attempt to correct one regret they have had or do have in life and make follow your intuition as a guiding rod to make your life better.

Chat again soon…..




Rob Smith
Glossop, Derbyshire

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