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By on April 27, 2016

Game of Thrones returned to Television in the US on HBO on Sunday 24th April, and OMG am i glad to see it back. Its quite a funny story with how i became a fan and started to watch it.

My Brother whom had returned from University following a Semester away at Northumbria University, told me that he had watched all of the 5 Seasons, so i thought go on i’ll catch up and give it a watch, following a 5 Day Binge Watching Session watching all 5 Seasons, staying up until 3am most nights may i add, my brother Tom, turned around to me and said he’d NEVER watched an Episode.

However, I had been hooked from the first couple of Episodes, when we are introduced to the amazing Stark family and Sean Bean had me hooked, Playing Lord Edart Stark, Plus having a Mini Crush automatically on Robb Stark and John Snow had me emotionally connected.

Following how Season 5 Ended with the Shocking Murder of John Snow by his fellow Knights Watch, Brothers and young-padewan left us all Gagging for more, constantly questioning, no John Can’t Be Dead, Surely.

Season 6 Started with a Bang, and the forthcoming events are detailed following John’s Murder, and a few amazing alliances are made and some characters also make a few minor changes to their characters. It had me hooked just like Season 1, there maybe no more Robb Stark or John Snow, alas until episode 5, of Season 6.

But its Back & I can’t wait to see the twists and turns of my favourite Characters Danerys Targarian, Sansa and Arya Stark and my nick name for the Dragons, Done, Well Done and Charcoal. – Clearly Charcoal is Drogon.



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