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So here is an update on my recent I Need a Boyfriend – An Advert  and my trials and tribulations of Online dating and finally trying to line up that official first date.

Unfortunately 0 yes, 0 people applied to be my boyfriend through the ad/blog post but that didn’t deter me as i know Mr Right isn’t going to fall into my inbox and i need to be pro-active and go out there and find him.

So I decided to reactivate a couple of those pesky little Dating apps, Grindr and a new Dating App called Chappy which is a breath of fresh air on the online dating scene. Lets just say my chatting has been on fire, but that hasn’t stopped me from falling into a trap along the way.

Here is some of the highlights;

  1. Nearly Caused a Break-Up – the problem with Grindr is that some people purely use it as a hook-up app and i offered a date/drink to someone and they said, sorry i have a boyfriend. Well what the hell are you on Grindr for then?
  2. Ive had random dick-pics sent to me which are hilarious.
  3. Ive somewhat fell in love at least twice with a couple of people just through their profile pictures. – However i could be being cat-fished. lol

Ive asked a couple of people out for a drink/date and am getting a lot of feedback and more yes’s than no’s so things are looking positive.

I’ll keep you updated on #DateRob and the journey to finding Mr Right.





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