By on August 14, 2017

Hey, So i returned back to Glossop on Wednesday 9th from spending just shy of a week in London for Summer in the City and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

This is the second time that I have been to Summer in the City, down in the Royal Victoria Docklands area and the Excel Centre. I went last year with my two brothers however 2017 was a solo trip and my first experience in an AirBnB which was an interesting experience.

So I went down on the 3rd before creators day at SITC and went on to learn a hell of a lot through the creators day sessions and in terms of Brand deals, creating a successful channel and more.

The expo went on for another two days Saturday and Sunday where I continued to learn more both creating a successful channel and also different pieces of information on Facebook and how to run a successful social platform that way also.

Once it hit 6pm on Sunday SITC was over, Monday literally was a crash out day following 3 days of hectic SITC, where I literally watched David Dobrik Vlogs on YouTube and Netflix.

Tuesday was the day I nearly died by a near miss from getting knocked over by a biker on The Mall following taking a picture of Buckingham Palace after a day full of cycling around London on a Boris Bike.

I will share a gallery on here soon of my favourite pictures I took from my time in the Capital, however a few are over on my Instagram @RebuildRob so go over there check them out and give me a follow.

Checkout my SITC 2017 Blogs below;





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