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Hey Guys, You will probably get sick of me this year. But i am here to stay and i’m ready to stake a claim in this world.

So I will be returning to Vlogging this month, and i will be ever increasing my content I produce across Blog and YouTube as you may have noticed recently i have done a sneaky rebrand of this website back to instead of this has been done because I thought i would be embarrassed that I was building a brand based on my weight loss and thats why i broke the brand up mid 2016, but its time to refocus and re-dedicate myself to RebuildRob and i am more determined than ever.

So New Year, New Rules comes from putting whats good first and what makes me happy, leaving dramas behind and living the way of the winner, something i will go into in an upcoming vlog.

If i want to express myself via wearing make-up and letting my alter ego Ambr Blaq come out now and then i will, if i want to dye my hair a certain colour this month or not i will, i fully intent to live more and more in the moment. As we only have one life to live and I’m entering my 26th Year on this planet and its time to start to make moves.

As i said New Year, New Rules and Welcome to Wig Change no1 Lilac.

RebuildRob x


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