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So recently, I have been spending time trying to come out of my comfort zone, that being smiling to people who seem down or just may not be having a good day and even just saying hello.

This to me is breaking barriers that I have in real life as I have always tried to keep my circle small but people have always known who I am through working at the biggest Corner Shop in my home town.

Every time I am out I constantly get the look when I’m in a Pub or Restaurant like ‘I know you from somewhere…don’t I’ I say yeah the Big Corner Shop but I do get a few now and then saying… No I know you from my work on Social Media as RebuildRob, to which I reply wow, Thanks.

So working in Retail (before I become a Rich Billionaire) you’d think it’d be naturally built within me to be relaxed around people who I don’t know, but it’s quite the opposite… I’d rather just stay in my comfort zone.

But I have started to realise that isn’t the correct approach and Life only begins outside of your comfort zone, I learnt that yesterday by being out with my Friend Helen for Lunch and this Lady saw my Camera and she approached to say her Husband would have loved to have seen it, she then opened up and said that her Husband died a few weeks ago and she was due to under go chemo at this week.

To my Reply was, wow that’s Shit, sorry to hear that I passed on my love and support, if she needed it.

So I went outside of my Comfort Zone and took the leap when talked to someone I didn’t know and hopefully made her feel a bit more supported as she goes through chemo.

As said in a Previous Blog about Way of the Winner… Go outside your comfort zone.

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