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Pink & Powerless

By on May 16, 2016

Following on from my last Blog (Voiceless) I haven’t felt much better, my Voice and Osteomalacia are still plaguing my day to day life.

I hold my hands-up I am a control freak over my health and have had to be over the last 3 years, with losing 10 Stone in weight and more and with these two issues leaving me feeling powerless over the last few weeks because I have had to let my body takeover and do what it needs to do, i have been fighting it on all fronts recently with High Dose Medications and more. 

So, I took the choice to dye my hair pink and feel little bit better about myself and I have always wanted to dye my hair Pink and have a complete colour wheel of colours i’d like to go potentially due to the inner drag-queen in me and also because i have every right to self expression and if me having pink hair makes me feel a smidge better all power to me.

I have also battled Depression in the past and that is a Rabbit Hole, I can’t go down as It is and has been extremely hard to come back from in the past.

When, I turned up to my day job, i was greeted warmly by customers and a few (baring in mind i was on shift for 2 hours) people said they loved the colour, i was sent home.

I explained to the Manager that after feeling extremely rubbish for 8 weeks, me having Pink hair made me feel a little bit better, however this was met with a cold shoulder and i was sent home.

Leaving me feel Pink & More Powerless than before.


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    Andrea Reed

    May 17, 2016

    You’re a beautiful person,I luv the fact u dyed ur hair and did something to lift ur spirit. I suffer from mental illness and among other physical problems. Doing something even as small as dying ur hair can make a big difference in how someone may feel about themselves ? I love the pink on u btw ? Keep ur head high and know u have people out here in the world that have ur back and support u. Much luv all the way from a little town in Texas (Azle TX) Andrea Reed


Rob Smith
Glossop, Derbyshire

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