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For a long time, I lived thinking that i wasn’t worthy, good enough and questioned why was i put on this planet, then I started to re-program my thoughts and how i approached my mental health and physical health at the same time.

I started to associate success and worth with the people that i was following on social media and this really became a toxic circle, so on instagram i did a mass unfollowing of people that i honestly thought were toxic to my on going mental health through the content i was consuming across social media, that un-follow spree went to youtube as well.

When you come across people that you feel bring worth into your life be it in what ever industry you are in Health, Fitness or wellness. Make sure that you feel that what you are consuming is healthy and it adds value to the time you spend on social media.

There is currently a campaign ongoing that the Social Media giants are taking away self harm material (how to guides etc) of social media, it is outstanding that this is still there and this wasn’t removed ages ago.

Alongside that, I have been working with Mentell a mens mental health group to help with my mental health through attending weekly/monthly meetings, which is great for off loading any personal issues i maybe having with mental health more.

Plus remembering that comparison is the thief of joy, which is something that i try to live by, but it easy to forget this along the way as well.

So what are you going to do to help with your mental health or mindset? Sound off in the comments below!


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