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So getting on a lifestyle journey and trying to make a long lasting change can take its time, but something i have learnt is that it really does and only can come from an inner deep need to change yourself.

Looking so deep inside yourself that it can be scary but it helps you eradicate the inner demons that tell you, you aren’t good enough or deserve this or that. Some people say that this is an inner voice that is their guide, sometimes it can guide you into something positive or negative, hopefully everyone is developed enough to realise the rights and the wrongs in this world but this inner guide is your intuition.

Listening to your intuition can and will help you realise what is truly important.

This is where you start the process of re-programming your mind, and what you really need, what is healthy and where the inner voice of negativity is truly drowned out forever, when you have got to this part in your life, I call it the ‘sweet -spot’ and the small things you once stressed over that pinned you down with fear and didn’t let you fly are truly gone.

However things like this are a personal journey and we all need to look at what is possible and realise what is important and the things that you are willing to work on night and day to get to and achieve. Then with the improving self confidence through listening to your intuition as a guiding rod lead you into a better life and hopefully a more prosperous, richer existence.

When you put nothing but positivity and light into your surroundings and life, this will create a positive cycle and if/when a negative incident happens, you use the blue print outlined to get you back on track and back into a positive mindset of living.


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