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By on January 14, 2017

Well following an unexpected trip into Manchester on Saturday 14th Jan, we as a foursome went into a little cute coffee shop (Tea Cup) on Thomas Street in Manchester, its Red Exterior drew us in and definitely had a cool vibe when we went in. (By the way if I refer to anything as fleeky it means Good)

Following a Short Wait in the Entrance we were warmly greeted by the Staff and the Barista and Cakes on display were an instant attraction and i automatically felt in love with the Rainbow cake and went thats so Gay & I love it.

We perused the menu and all the Brunch/Breakfast menu that was still for sale even though we took our seats at around about 3pm so Eggs Florentine, lots and lots of Iron in that Spinach – Got to get like Popeye and get bench in 2017, lol and an Americano Coffee were a must. Both of which i really did enjoy.

After the Eggs, it was ‘Gay Cake’ time and i must admit it infused me with Gay Energy and made me at least 200% gayer after eating it, i was seeing Rainbows and Unicorns on every street corner when i left the cafe.

The Only down of the Cafe was that Service was quite slow in parts which made us frustrated a tad.

However, this quaint but large Cafe on Thomas Street is a Must and definitely somewhere you have to try if you are in Northern Quarter!



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