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By on October 30, 2017

Self Sabotage is where you listen to that little voice in your head where it says ‘You’re not good enough’ or ‘no body likes you’ and you actually listen to that voice and decide not to go outside your comfort zone and grow.

Here is my story on Self Sabotage,

I have always longed for that BFF and the one person that I can always count on at the drop of a hat and wanted to be invited to all the parties, gatherings etc.

However, when I do get invited to the odd party here or there but I’ve never had a constant week on week social events with friends that were always clamouring to be around me and be friendly it made me think that I wasn’t a good person when i was growing up and made me feel like the ‘odd one out’ that made me get far too comfortable with being by myself and as said above clamouring for that special friend, BFF etc.

That is possibly one of the reasons I turned to Social Media and became quite successful in building brands etc online, one thing people are now turning to me to help them build an online brand and platform.

Following being far too comfortable in my own company, when i get invited to the odd events that i somewhat begged to be invited to, when it actually comes to going I find myself crawling back into my zone of self comfort and not pushing myself out of my comfort zone and becoming better rounded individual.

Self growth from a position of pain is something you should never be afraid of, its something I say all the time, Life begins outside your comfort zone, sometimes you just need to say yes, yes, yes, and no, no, no to that position of comfort and the voice in your head saying ‘you’re not good enough’




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