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So, we are moments away from Donald Trump being Sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, something we never thought could have happened 6 Months ago.

I’d never class myself as overly political however when the when the Leading Superpower in the World (United States of America) elects a Billionaire that has gone Bankrupt on multiple occasions and is ultimately a Reality Star as President the whole world is going to sit ups and have a laugh about the subject.

With him winning the Election (not by the popular vote) and being really appealing to the Rough-belt and promising people that he will be the ‘Best jobs Creator god has ever seen’ it looks like he has a lot to live up to, as  he has vowed to Make America Great Again. It’s quite startling the chain of events that came out of the 2016 US Presidential Race, with Trump literally being the Trump card of the Election.

It literally is the funniest political situation I have ever seen, its hilarious. I just hope that he spends more time doing good things for the American People and less time spreading vitriol on Twitter.

Good Luck America from across the Pond



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