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When i joined MySpace many moons ago, i never thought i would love Social Media as much as i do right now. If we can even say MySpace is a Social Media Company any more, is it even operational? – However i swear to God that i discovered Lady Gaga before she was even an Multi-National Superstar, a fact my Brother is quickly to deny.  After MySpace came Bebo and my affinity with Social Media grew.

Following being a Fat Teenager and growing up with not a lot of friends, I thought i could find mutual connections across various issues in my life. So hence why i used Social Media, as i found it easier to connect with people online than face to face. – Not to say i was one of those kids that couldn’t hold a conversation.

I then began to look deeper into Social Media and i know that the people i connected with were online and to face to face but i felt like i grew more confident, happier and all round nicer person because of it.

As i go into my 25th Year of living on this Planet, my love for life online grows day by day. I can see myself building a career for myself online and making good long lasting friendships and maybe relationships along the way. It may have took a quarter century to get me here however, I truly think that i ave found a home within an amalgamation of the Health, Fitness, Lifestyle and Social Media World.

I can’t wait to see where it takes me…….

iRobSmith x


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eddie jones February 4, 2016 - 12:20 am

you just followed me. I would appreciate your support. … I followed you back and I am re tweeting the youtube video


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