By on November 10, 2017

This past weekend an Episode of WWE’s Total Divas aired on the E! Network and a decent part of the show circulated around a Personal battle of WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and WWE Superstar Maryse who was offering her a makeover in an attempt to make he look more ‘Superstar/Champion’ like.

However going further into the show, Lexi told the audience about her battle with Anorexia and her struggle with eating disorders, which made me think about everyone that has issues with fitness, health or has a struggle with weight issues.

It brought me on to a recent thought and worry that I have about people changing for other people and the power of other peoples thoughts and opinions on people that either blog or are easily lead by the opinion of others.

I am one stubborn person when it comes to personal issues however I want to empower people to only change for themselves, to make themselves better to understand and respect the opinion of others as they have the right to have their opinion but they don’t have the right to destroy or make you feel bad in anyway.

This is a hard thing to implement as some people in the world, specifically bullies try to destroy people and make them feel worthless however everyone has a place in the world and a right to make their own mark but nobody has the right to make someone doubt themselves in any way.

Change for you and to make you better, don’t let others make you.


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