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My favourite, show is coming back, RuPaul’s DragRace is Back for its 9th Season soon. They have just announced the cast of the of the upcoming Season and my Happy Gay Scale went off the deep end, it looks like there is a set of Killer Queens this year.

The Main one is Kimora Blac, Peppermint, Valentina, Alexis Michelle and Sasha Velour look like my top five, but there is a British contingent in there this year with Charlie Hides being the first Drag Queen in RuPaul’s Drag Race history to be a British Queen taking part in the Race.

I am loving the look of this up coming season and will be vlogging about it on my YouTube channel this time around, Called Rob’s RuPauls RuCap!!

Heres why I’m in love with Kimora Blac, baring the fact that my Drag personality is called Ambr Blaq and she will be introduced to you through the RuCaps!!

Heres Kimora’s Meet The Queens Video;

And Trans-Queen Peppermint is just adorable;

Plus how doll like is Valentina;

Check the other Queens Here


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