Куда лучше получать займ в Украине: на банковскую карту, наличными, или на электронный кошелек? Получить займ сразу на банковскую карту – очень удобный и безопасный способ. Для этого не придется выходить из дома. Некоторые люди стесняются идти в офис МФО и просить у них деньги. Представьте, сидите дома и не имеете денег даже на то, чтобы покушать, но имеете ноутбук или телефон с подключенным интернетом. Находясь в такой ситуации, можно легко получить на карту микрокредит. Достаточно заполнить анкету на сайте и ввести номер своей карты. Получить микрозайм наличными – самый традиционный способ. Подойдет тем, у кого нет карты или банковского счета. Обычно, таким способом пользуются люди старшего возраста, которые не очень хорошо владеют компьютерной грамотностью. Но бывает и так, что офис МФО находится прямо под нашим окном, нам стоит только выйти из подъезда. Да и ощущение наличных денег в руках придает больше уверенности, чем какие-то цифры на счете.
By on October 9, 2017

So I had a few days off and decided to make the most of them, I have always loved MediaCityUK in Salford and decided to spend a few hours down there and have some quality time with my brother Tom, It had always been a target of mine to work down in Media City however I’m starting to think, I will work in media however in my own way and carve my own path in the media space.

We went on to have lunch at Wagamama, which can always be hard when you are on a healthy eating regime and with them recently changing the menu it was hard to navigate what the best options were, following my usual choice being

Duck Donburi with Prawn Goyza

removed. So i opted for the Duck Donburi which was truly outstanding, I always try to stick to a decent amount of Protein with a good Carbohydrate and the Duck Donburi definitely lived up to that.


Continuing the weekend, we followed on to the New Alchemist at Media City, the rumoured £12 Million building, did it live up to the hype? Was it good did the cocktails live up to its New York Street location?

I unfortunately was driving and didn’t have the chance to partake in the more flamboyant and alcoholic variety so i was stuck to the Non-Alchoholic drinks which were quite flamboyant in their own way but the service was good and positive, but I didn’t quite understand the lack of food cover on the outside bar area.

The Alchemist at MediaCityUK 


I have always loved Media City, its a place that makes you want to be a better person, it adds drive to you as a person and its constant development means the area is still up and coming and really a place to be, but for my future in the media industry, I’m happy to carve my own path in a different way than paths previously lead.

I always thought i was a failure for not working there but it left me feeling appreciative for what i have managed to do in the careers I have lead and continue to do.


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