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By on November 27, 2017

Hey Guys, I’m back with another #ThisPastWeekend Blog and I’m going to tell you about the bestpartyever that i have been on….

So everyone knows that back in March this year I left Tesco Glossop after 7 years with the business however before I left i was in the early stages of organising the Checkouts Christmas Party, which I was organising through bestpartyever.co.uk and the domain matched up to its event.

The theme was ‘Roaring Twenties’ a handful of groups turned up in twenties attire however, i went personally dressed up to the nines. The event definitely matched up to its moniker and it included a 4 Course meal, unlimited alcohol, entertainment, dodgems and carousel, all indoors no rain to worry about.

Check out a few images below;

So the meal was good and the entertainment was awesome. The company even better, it was amazing meeting up with friends and spending time with quality people, despite a decent amount of drama.

Check the Carousel/Waltzer video out below;

The Entertainment was quality as well;

All in all, TheBestParty EVER – I will be going again and definitely planning a return in 2018.




Rob Smith
Glossop, Derbyshire

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