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So Welcome to another edition of #ThisPastWeekend

Recently Ive been testing myself more and more with driving (even though Ive been driving for 7 years) with traveling further and further a field as its something I really am not a massive fan off. So we took a trip to York was the destination.

I wanted to go last week, however a trip to Wagamama was on the cards as thats what my brother wanted, so Salford and Media City was on the cards, but York never left my thought pattern over the last week or so, after having a few days of work i made it a prerogative that York was going to happen.

So it took a day to mentally prepare myself for the journey, as said above I don’t like driving beyond Manchester in the best of occasions but the fear of the unknown didn’t stop me and i was galvanised that I’d get there.

Meanwhile in York, for the first time ever may I add, we went to into the City walls and I immediately fell in love, even with its cobbled streets (which play hell on your feet) it was so quaint and cute (like a fairytale)

Obviously, I turned into a tourist in my own country, without buying any touristy tat. A lot of photos were taken around York Minster which is one of the most beautiful buildings i’ve ever been in EVER. But £10 each for a tour, thats s no, no. But I did manage to sneak over the velvet rope for a minute and have a look down the great hall following a bit of banter and cajoling by a couple of guys that were there to embrace the building as I was.

However on to the FOOD! We were definitely not going to eat at any chain restaurant that we can eat at in Manchester so we needed something quintessentially Yorkshire, so we found Cut & Chase within a five minute walk from The Minster from the outside it looked like a cyber-cafe, as I thought it was called Cut & Paste at first glanse, however when i took a step in i was immediately impressed.

We were for one second thought we needed to book a table, but we were seen to and escorted to our table immediately by our waitress Shannon, who my younger brother instantly got a crush on.  She was polite, enthusiastic and prompt.

It was a day of nutritional firsts, for my Starter i had Baked Camembert with Redcurrant and I had my first ever Panfried Duck breast with a Sweet Potato mash, Carrot Puree and Blackcurrant Jus.

It truly was one of the best meals, i’ve ever had in a restaurant, the food was high class and the service was good, i just hope next time i travel to York and i don’t have to drive here so i can have a drink or two.

York was a blast, i will be back.


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