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Vine is now dead, it was back in October 2016 that Twitter Announced that the Platform was to close, In recent months it wasn’t updated any more and users couldn’t upload to the Platform.

There were rumours that the Highest Profile Stars that made the platform as big as it currently is were invited to a meeting to keep the platform alive, however it came out that the top 12 rated stars on the platform were trying to hold the company to random asking for in excess of a Million Dollars a Year in Royalties to keep it active.

Twitter and the Users never came to a deal and that is where we are today. Vine, has broken some of the Biggest Stars, one being Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas amongst two, the duo moved to YouTube and carried their following over to their new Platform being YouTube.

Vine Personally to me was never a platform i used, i had two vines one of former Fat Rob, Cycling on a recumbent bicycle and pulling some random faces that my Brother was cackling laughing in the Background.

So See you later Vine, hopefully Periscope stays around for longer.


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