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By on May 11, 2016

Over the Past Several Weeks, I have been really battling it with my Stupid Health.

I was diagnosed with a Severe lack of Vitamin D and Osteomalacia, which in turn makes me extremely tired and drained 24/7 plus I’m currently still struggling with a viral issue, that has caused my Voice to come and go. This onto of Osteomalacia has caused me to have a literal Rubbish Start to 2016.

Having had a Great past two years and getting things in order with my health and starting to work on my fitness and launched my transformation story #RebuildRob this has left me thinking and acting like my former self. My eating hasn’t been great since the start of 2016 and has lead to some weight gain, however the pain of losing my voice and feeling powerless that my body has taken over and is directing me, instead of me it has been a struggle.

I feel like things are but in-front of people to challenge them and this is just one of the things i have to overcome and get used to. however i will be back stronger then ever and i will be back to my best soon, i can’t put a label on when it will be but i will.

I started #RebuildRob for a reason and it fills me with pride overtime i look at the tweet that sent me on a journey that literally transformed my life.


I will be back to YouTube, Gym’ing it soon. I just have to get my voice back.



Rob Smith
Glossop, Derbyshire

Welcome to RebuildRob is my personal story, my life battles with Health and fitness plus a motivational source covering the same topics, I also share my thoughts and feelings, plus Travel and Mental Health stories & more

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