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So the last time I blogged was all the way back in January.

Now i am coming back, with new stuff as well as what is going on with and personal blogs and much more.

Since January, I’ve done RED January which ran over into February and raised over £250 for Mind the Mental Health Charity. Also I’ve ran my first ever Manchester 10k in a fundraising effort for setting up Mentell Glossop which is a mens mental health support group to serve the men of Glossop and the surrounding areas.

Fast forward to September me and my brother spent an amazing 8 days in Dubai which was completely the opposite of what i was expecting as i thought as with visiting a middle eastern country i thought it would be super strict and religious. However it was completely the opposite, very westernised and customer service was amazing.

Any way in a nutshell that has been the last ten or so months.

Now I am back and looking to blog more and can’t wait to announce the launch of TheRebuildCoach in 2020. Exciting things coming soon.


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