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So, something that really bugs me and I do it myself every week is #MotivationMonday I live in a world of social media and i know that every Monday is a reset day for everything fitness and motivation, specifically getting into the gym and starting the week right.

Specifically if you have had a hectic weekend and over indulged in the areas of food or alcohol.

But motivation isn’t enough.

One of the things that i try to promote is that building a routine is the only thing that can keep people and myself in a fitness journey and many other things in between, be they work goals or lifestyle specifically things like working on your mental health and always working on the benefits of talking.

Mentell is a mens mental health group that visits either weekly or monthly as a support group, where guys can talk about what they want to get off their chest.

Getting into a regular routine isn’t a motivation thing, its a habit. Keep working on your mental and physical wellness with building a routine that isn’t field by motivation.


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