#WorldMentalHealthDay 2017

by RebuildRob
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So Its October 10th 2017 which means its #WorldMentalHealth Day

As I did this time last year I’m going to share a bit of my continued journey and battle with mental health, my mental health all stems from self esteem, following a battle with bullying throughout my childhood and teens and the perceived power of other people wheeled over me affected my Mental Health which its only within the last few years I’ve began to understand how much it actually affected me.

I once thought my diagnosis was bi-polar with the sever dips and highs i have, but following a bit of research and self diagnosis with my GP it makes more sense that I have Cyclothymia which is more of a mood issue where my mood and mental health literally runs in cycles and i have times of good and times of bad but they ultimately come back around and i feel better.

I also think my mental health has issues to do with Body Confidence and issues associated with weight, it will be a continual, life long thing and weight will go up and come down but its about making sure that I don’t let the depths of depression take me to a place of self loathing and to the degree of self harm (scratching my scalp until it bled) when i was at school, thats how i dealt with bullying.

Life is taking the rough with the smooth and taking the dips as if it was a slide on a playground rather than falling into a rabbit hole that takes all my might to get out of.

My mental health will have dips and highs and I hope to help people with sharing my story and offering some sort of help to others along the way.

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