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by RebuildRob
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When it comes to Mental Health, a lot of us are frightened to open up about and and internal struggles or problems. – I am one to talk, as it takes me to reach a breaking point until i open up to anyone, I often utilise Social Media and Blogging to release my inner turn-oil or problems.

As I Shared on Social Media Today;

It’s important we make everyone aware that behind a smile there may be thousands of problems that we are not aware of.

Be kind to everyone you see, today and always! You never know what they’re experiencing.

Some of the toughest battles are fought in silence.

It’s important we continue to raise awareness on  #WorldMentalHealthDay.

I most recent;y shared a blog called; STOP FEELING WEAK where i spoke about my Problems and delved into some of my inner daemons and problems.

I’d just like to say that people with Mental Health Issues, such as Depression (in my case) Anxiety, Bi-Polar etc, aren’t weak people, we just struggle to deal with certain situations or pressures, everyone is wired differently and it would be boring if everyone was the same.

However, with us all as a collective community i.e. Humanity, it is imperative that we be kind to each other, no matter your status or privilege as you never know whom you may either bump into in the street, most peoples toughest battles are fought in silence and ‘treating others, how you wish to be treated’ is a must.

Mental Health isn’t an issue to be brushed under the carpet, just because its mostly fought internally doesn’t mean its not there.

Share a Hug, Share a Moment with  someone when you can tell someone is down. Karma will LOVE you for it.





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